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What's new with Vortex? - 1.2.14 Update

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In response to post #82644678. #82648508, #82649243, #82649413, #82650088, #82650933, #82705298, #82712143 are all replies on the same post.


I made a separate post because I felt I hijacked this topic....

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Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. Appreciated.

[...] "LOOT is not infallible" [...] neither are you (or me) [...]

True, because I also never said that or mention that. But that's the typical reaction for someone who is a fan of the thing people frown upon.
One thing is for sure, and that is that it's my game and I would like to mod it via my ( load-order ) rules. Even if that isn't the perfect load order ( and assuming it didn't break my game, dŰh ), it's still my load order for my game.

Your quote:

[...] I'd take large group consensus over individual opinion [...]

Quote from Pickysaurus a few posts back:

[...] chances are what you perceive as "correct" is not so or based on faulty advice. The LOOT masterlist is maintained by the entire Bethesda modding community so their combined knowledge is likely to be "more correct" that whatever you're basing your load order on [...]

Picky in contradicting himself by saying I as a member of said (Bethesda) modding community, and part of that group that has combined their knowledge, is more correct than I as an individual... My perception of a good load order is automatically false by his standards, because it's not from LOOT, so it must be based on faulty advise, advice which comes from that same (Bethesda) modding community who made LOOT into what it is. Actually Picky just says LOOT is build upon faulty advice.
( And if by "based on faulty advice" Picky means anything not from the Nexus....that would be..wow :blink: )
Looking at your quote you are just echoing what the moderators say. Individual thoughts have been replaced by group thoughts or so it seems....

Sorry, but no-one besides me knows what my load-order is, so the "general consensus" that has been build in LOOT as to what my load-order should be doesn't cut it completely : every load order is unique. Some of the mods I have installed are tweaked to my liking but put back in the load-order manually ( through Vortex, using their standard Nexus ID ). How is LOOT going to tell me where that tweaked mod should go if it can't detect what I have done to the mod?

[...] just create a rule [...]

Just pick it up and move it to the place I want, quicker, cleaner, less hassle.

It's borderline delusion of grandeur to think one has created the perfect mod manager, just by building it around a sorting mod ( which is what Vortex basically is : a shell for LOOT ). Nobody has an absolute monopoly on wisdom, I do not have that either, but I frown upon the method of LOrtex/VoOt telling how I should mod my game.

Moderators and ( the ) developer(s) are tired of us bringing this up every time they are trying to shut us down by saying (quote/un-quote) "Ultimately, this is a discussion that has been done to death, [...] not going to discuss the load order approach any further".
It's been discussed to death, shouldn't that just be a reason to listen to the people discussing it and maybe implement some of their ideas instead of brushing it under the carpet or shutting it down by ending discussions with a show stopping one-liner ?

( somewhere down the line I see Tannin42 jumping in and saying : can't change it, because otherwise Vortex and LOOT can't work together....sure. seperate them, that's all I want :) )

Love to hear everyone's thoughts on my opinion.

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