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Fallout: Aliens vs Predator

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Okay, we know that there are aliens in Fallout, so why are there not any mods that replace Deathclaws with Praetorians or Queen Xenomorphs? We have cloaking, and plasma, so why can you not be ambushed by the top monster in the food chain? And how has nobody made the joke about Minutemen being as bad as the Colonial Marines? (no offense, I'm a minuteman all the way).


Note: I cannot mod, so I cannot do this. If anyone wants to do it, you can take all the credit, but post the link here so I can play it please!


Four factions could be added here:


COLONIAL MARINES. They could even be the existing Minutemen or Brotherhood of Steel! They're equipped with heavy weaponry and are determined to protect the Commonwealth from the extraterrestrial threat from their island base in the Atlantic. You can romance some of them, even! It's game over, man, game over! And don't forget to check the radio for news about new Xenomorph attacks on your settlements. Show your badassery to your pals by decorating your guns and clothing with xenomorph armor, and shoot your foes with a gun that fires xenomorph acid! Descend from the sky with your friends on your vertibird, and blow your enemies to bits!


PREDATOR. If you defeat one of them in combat, they may deem you worthy of joining their ranks, whether simply as you are, or with genetic alteration to make you one of them! You can earn various weapons (or steal them from the corpses)- Toggling stealth, plasma caster activated by the grenade key so you can dual-wield, wrist blades (very fast and high damage), speargun, boomerang disk (that's what I call it), and biomasks with different vision mods! Maybe even romance them? Ew. But it would be worth it for a spaceship home base . . . And access to the Yautja Hunting Planet, where you can hunt raiders to your heart's content. Look out for Berserkers, though. Rumor has it they don't have honor. Maybe you can join them and wreak havok on the Commonwealth . . .


XENOMORPH. Because why not? Piper found rumors of a special ovomorph (egg) in an old government vault where Xenomorphs were studied by Weyland-Yutani. Get close, activate it with the royal jelly from the vault's freezers, and allow yourself to be facehugged! Once you die, you'll take over the Chestburster, and once you eat enough to grow (I wonder if WY kept "volunteers" in here somewhere?), you become a drone and can then alter your caste. This will make your human life, weapons, and skills obsolete, so you'll have to work with a new skill tree. Upgrade your armor, claws, abilities, et cetera. Evolve in your own way. Will you become a queen (or king) and exercise telepathic control over your hive, "possessing" your xenomorph children? Will you become a Praetorian, a Warrior, an Avimorph, even Raven from colonial marines? Spread facehuggers everywhere to create new possibilities, from the Super Mutant-morph, to the Ghoulmorph, to the synthomorph! Hmm, what about a Deathclaw Xenomorph? Ultimate power achieved! And maybe you can regain enough intelligence to build a courser body for yourself, making you a human mind in a synth body controlling a xenomorph hive. Maybe you'll become Eloise, the android-xenomorph hybrid and one of my personal favorite AVP expanded universe characters . . . (she's worth the google)


WEYLAND-YUTANI. Join David on the wreck of the Covenant, somewhere in the Glowing Sea. Assist him in manipulating the Xenomorph race and cross-breeding them with Yautja, humans, synths, and more! Create Eloise from the AVP expanded universe, and have two choices: Side with David and make Eloise serve him, or give Eloise free will, making her a romancable synth-xenomorph hybrid companion with a freaking Xenomorph army at her back! Yeesh, don't forget her birthday. And the coup de grace, if you disable David, you can get the key to the vault where he keeps the regenerating supply of Engineer Fluid. Make a missile with some of it, and the next time you go up against an army of raiders, gas them with the stuff and turn them into xenomorphs for Eloise's army! Hmm, Dogmeat would look good as a Runner Xenomorph . . .


Other than this, here are some things you could add:

  • Alien: Isolation themed map in space, accesible through a secret teleporter at Home Plate. But it seems you left your weapons behind . . .
  • Visit the Space Jockey shipwreck for yourself, and grab yourself some of those eggs to release on unsuspecting settlers, raiders, or slaves.
  • Turn into a Predator, and then allow yourself to be facehugged- Ultimate Predalien Achieved!
  • Uncover the mysteries of BG-386, and take down Karl Bishop Weyland's doppelganger to get the coordinates to Xenomorph Prime.
  • On said Xenomorph Prime, hunt the greatest of Xenomorphs: The Queen Mother herself! You could control the pack if you kill her and replace her with the neurally-controlled Rogue King . . .
  • They say the Predators have been to other galaxies, gathering relics and tools. Use these weapons. Batleths, Phasers, what's this glowing sword thing? 
  • A spaceship crashed down to Earth, and the Zetan commanding it is dead, its chest now burst open. Find the alien-bred alien and determine what this new caste is capable of, and then destroy it before the public learns of its existence! Or control it, if you've gone down that path.



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first off, the colonial marines are actually far superior to the Minutemen. They get nommed hard by the Xenos in the game and movies but when they actually are prepared to fight them (in some of the books and comics) they actually kick all kinds of alien rear. Just a fun fact.


the reason this mod doesn't exist is due to modeling. There aren't a lot of 3D modelers in the community with the skills to make the Alien and then rig it to work in-game.




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My apologies, DoctorKaizeld. I've seen one alien movie, and was going off what I learned in the games. Please accept my apologies Colonial Marines.


Well, we can still hope this can happen one day.

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