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Love designing settlements, but hate the tedium of building them?

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I have the answer....but unfortunately being an Xbox player and not owning a PC, I don't have the tools, so i need your help.

I'm aware of great mods like Sim Settlements, but what i'm proposing is more simple........I hope!

My idea is something that adds prebuilt and pre-furnished, fully navemeshed houses and buildings, with sinkable foundations so they can be built on uneven terrain. Everything from homes to shops, to bars to infrastructural buildings and leisure facilities. The homes should count towards the number of settlers beds.

Open the menu, select a building, plop it down, done. Spend less time tediously building and decorating and more time exploring the wasteland and generally kicking ass.

I know it can be done with shops and infrastructure type buildings, as there are already great mods that do this, like Nuka World Buildings and Symbiotic Settlements for example, where the whole furnished and decorated building is the shop or vendor, which you can assign a settler to.

But there is nothing which adds prefab / pre furnished homes in the same way.

For houses with more than one bed / bedroom, you could have furnished rooms which snap together with corridors to make up a whole house. The same could apply for bars, you could have seating areas which snap to the bar sections, making up a whole building.

You could have different designed lore friendly buildings, from rough one room shacks, to two bed cabins, to family homes, to mansions and apartment blocks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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