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I got banned

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 I got banned from the Forger mod page and it seems every related mod to the forger (which is a lot). I have no idea why, I respectfully asked questions, I will admit I had a lot of them and I was posting a bunch, sometimes even replying to folks when I found out the answer to their issue when I was trying to fix mine. Unfortunately I never got the answer I was looking for. I was really trying to find it on my own but why would someone ban me for simply asking questions, that seemed to be the purpose of the page, no where was it stated that there was a limit on the amount of posts you can make. I was not rude,,not even in the slightest. I was merely trying to solve my issue, The only thing I can think is that he did not like the volume/number of my posts, I replied to about 5 posts and asked I think two of my own questions.


I can not get the customization mod to work, all instructions work fine, it is a game I purchased no pirate from Upay. I followed all instructions, again forger did its think and I dropped in the mods and they show up and are checked but nothing changes in game :( very sad experience here.


I would love if someone could help me without banning me. Could it be they do not like me because I have the word Israel in my name? I don't know, I just know there is a lot of hate going around these days. I am Jewish living in Israel and just want to play the main character with blonde hair, that is all. I am kind person.

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