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Male Faun Race

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So, there are no shortage of female satyr/Faun mods, despite both mythological creatures being exclusively male (no problem with female ones). There seem to be plenty of resource packs to this day, and there appear to have once been such mods perhaps, but no longer. I don't know how to create mods myself, and recognize this is a time consuming process, but if anyone can make male Faun mod, I would be willing to pay for the time lol no joke, sorry if this violates a forum or community standard I'm unaware of. I use legendary edition, and have Sam Body bod for males. I honestly don't need a female race for them, as I can find them without trouble. I'm aware of the Deerborn/driinkin/herne race mod, which is a nice concept, but the males in that mod use female skeletons, movement, etc, and remain notably unfinished to this day. Dreamburrow also had a pan race that looked really good, but it no longer exists sadly.

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