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Suggestion/Request: A mod to increase range of blade sizes

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First off,


Thank you to all the modders out there working on this game. You guys have been going at this tirelessly since day 1. I've had this game since its first hour of release and until recently I had at least tried out most of your mods. The sheer volume of mods coming down the pipeline at this point is too much for me to keep up with though and that in itself is amazing. Thank you guys, really, and great job.



Now on to the subject of my topic,


I don't know how modding of this game works, I'm a fan, not a contributor, so I don't know what the limitations are here. I am suggesting a mod that would increase the range for blade size, and more specifically the upper limitation. I have a desire to create obnoxiously large swords and axes to better butcher large numbers of enemies. My play style revolves heavily around charging alone into the masses of enemy ranks with weapons like the rhompalia, and seeing how many I can take down before I die, and then speeding through the rest of the battle. For me, Being able to craft insanely large weapons would save me the intense headache of trying to find a rhompalia or unlock it's blade, which would be huge early game.


Thanks for reading, and let me know if this sounds fun.


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