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Pick a Limb for Healing Poultice via Pop-Up Menu

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So, I had an idea to improve Healing Poultice(or other limb-healing items) in Hardcore mode. We're probably all familiar with Stimpacks/Doctor's Bags being applicable to specific limbs in the Stats section of the Pip-Boy. Now, it would be nice to add other healing items -- like Healing Poultice -- to this menu, but I have a gut feeling that it would be very complicated to implement. I also expect it'd be hard to support more than a couple new items in that UI, e.g. if a mod(s) adds limb-healing items.


So, here's my idea -- having Healing Poultice(or other new similar items) open a menu prompting which specific limb you want to heal, and focusing its whole effect on that limb.This menu would also include an option to use it normally and heal all limbs to a lesser degree. Sort of similar to the menu the NCR Emergency Radio uses, or mods that allow you to choose which item a Repair Kit repairs, if anyone is familiar.


I also like the idea of using this to allow for more specialized healing items. For example, DUST adds a couple of recipes for a Splint, which provides a small amount of limb health. It has two recipes, both calling for a Leather Belt, but one requires a Crutch and the other requires a Medical Brace. I was thinking it would be interesting to implement this to make healing items which only allow you to fix legs, or only arms; one's a cast, and one's a crutch! Back injuries and concussions would call for a Doctor's Bag(or other, more advanced medicine).


What I'd like to know is, is this possible via FNVedit, and how would I go about implementing it? Can it be done(yes, I know this part is a probably pipe dream) without scripting?

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At first I thought you should just be able to duplicate a stimpak or doctors bag. 

Object : EquipType = Stimpak .

But that didn't work , and from there it seemed there should be a script running in ...

"MenuMode 1003" checking for those form-id's in a list.   But I couldn't find one , So that says to me it is hard coded. Therefore not doable with FNV-Edit .


But you should be able to script it in the Geck , using the functions to check what the mouse is hovering over while in "MenuMode 1003"

In theory anyways , since I am not familiar with those , but I know they exist.

They would most likely be found in JIP .


Also you could make your own pop up message with buttons to heal limbs , after clicking your poultice item in pipboy inventory.  But in practice , I think it would prove a tedious annoyance to the player in game having two different screens for healing limbs.

But so you know though , you can still add the archetype "Value and Parts" base effect.  Like the "RestoreHealthStimpak" base effect does.

That will heal limbs (remove crippled status) when invoked without the STATS screen.  Plus give it a duration to make it heal over time with the delivery effect.  You just can't focus it on 1 limb.

IDK ... needs some testing to see what exactly that would do throughout ranges.

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