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i've been looking for attack animations for two hands but all of them are third person but i play only in first



    YAOF ... just what the world needed

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Probably because you and I are the only two people on the planet who aren't obsessed with watching their character's bum (in my case because it's my guy's ... though at least it's not hairy, you'll need to come up with your own excuse). I can't say I recall ever seeing a first person animation replacer at all.




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so to understand correctly, you want to see your own animation in 1st person?  that would make me dizzy for most of the moves, vomitous dizzy.

first person animations are hardly ever rendered because a first person body is usually not mapped.  in honesty, 1st person should always offer better performance and accuracy, as weapon animation for melee and ranged don't match up at all for 3rd person ... they're at different angles.  in addition, when one throws animation into the mix, it saps up more gfx.  for the most part, 1st person animations are just a short call to showfirstperson 0 (third person), run some animation, then showfirstperson 1 (first person).  once an animation is called your controls are disabled for the duration, so what does it matter?  enhanced camera is the best i can think of for 1st person ... sorta'.  lover's lab uses this exclusively i believe.  not sure why.  (smirk)

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