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Understanding "Unable to bind script... because their base types do not match"

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I see many posts online regarding "Unable to bind script... because their base types do not match," but these people are often trying to debug other people's mods.  I'm trying to debug a mod I'm working on.

I have a script called TES4dark11chorroldropscript.  It extends Container and needs to attach to 01031B2B (a CONT).  It has a property named Dark11ChorrolSackRef_p which is an ObjectReference that needs to attach to 01031B44 (a REFR).

ScriptName TES4Dark11ChorrolDropScript extends Container Conditional
;Content Removed for Brevity
ObjectReference Property Dark11ChorrolSackRef_p Auto Conditional
;More Content Removed for Brevity

This error is written to the Papyrus log:

"error: Unable to bind script TES4dark11chorroldropscript to  (01031B44) because their base types do not match"
From that message, I can glean two interpretations:
1.  Papyrus is trying to bind TES4dark11chorroldropscript to 01031B44, but the base types do not match.  TES4dark11chorroldropscript is a container while 01031B44 is an REFR, so the error message would make sense.  The only probem is that TES4dark11chorroldropscript doesn't attach to 01031B44.  I'll demonstrate this later.
2.  The other interpretation is that Papyrus is trying to bind one of TES4dark11chorroldropscript's properties to 01031B44, but the base types do not match.  This property would be Dark11ChorrolSackRef_p.  It is an ObjectReference, and I am trying to bind it 01031B44.  01031B44 is a REFR.  Those types do match.  So again, I can't seem to make the error message match with reality.
In SSEEdit, looking up 01031B44 reveals this:
SSEEdit shows no VMAD records on this REFR.  In other words, no script is attached to it.  That seems to invalidate possibility #1.
In SSEEdit, looking up 01031B2B reveals this:
Notice that TES4dark11chorroldropscript is attached (under VMAD), and the Dark11ChorrolSackRef_p says, "01031B44."
Creation Kit shows the same information as SSEEdit.  I can supply some Creation Kit screenshots too if they are helpful.  Can someone please explain why I'm getting this error in the logs?  Thank you.

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