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My One Request

pistol ar rifle reach evolved h3 32 replace halo

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I know some people don't like or have reasons to not like Reach's AR in place of Halo 3's AR when turning on anniversary graphics for Halo CE on MCC PC.

But Literally every other weapon is taken from Reach...

I just want the Reach AR in place of Halo 3's AR, I don't really care about whether it's canon or the same rifle or not, it literally matches the shape better than the H3 one, and would make sense and match the aesthetic of literally every single other weapon they took from Reach...

Whenever I'm holding an AR and switch graphics it bothers me because the shape changes, and it looks like from an older generation (3) and not matching the aesthetic or shape of all the other weapons..same with pistol, so I'm surprised no one has done this yet


and, if possible, I want the pistol to stay the same OG graphics version when switching to Anniversary, or alternatively use reach model. The one in anniversary, It just bothers me and looks s***...

I don't know how simple it is to do these things, but I'm kind of surprised someone hasn't already, for me it would improve the experience a lot personally. It really bugs me, lol. I know the ammo counter is probably what makes it a bit more complicated but i know some people have already fixed that in other mods, making it count 60 instead of 32, so it is possible.

Someone actually did the AR part already, so I know this is possible, but I can't find the mod now, as if it was removed by the author or something for some reason.

again for clarification..


this is my only request of a mod...i just want pistol to stay the same og halo combat evolved pistol when turning on anniversary graphics...or the reach pistol if that is easier, heck i don't care..whichever you think looks better..anything looks better than the pistol the way it is now when you turn on anniversary graphics...
And I Just want the Reach AR in place of the Halo 3 AR in anniversary graphics


That's all I want changed
Please & Thank You in advance

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