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Make the branch or version of the game a necessary field for mod authors

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My thoughts?  That you need to keep your eyes peeled and make lots of saves.  I have now 7390 mods sitting in NMM for Fallout 4 alone (over 4000 for Skyrim SE) and have used almost all of them at one point or another and, knock on wood, until now I haven't had the unpleasantness occuring to me I lost days of gameplay because of not paying attention and installing the wrong mod for the game, or the right mod for the wrong game, depending on how you look at it.  Not that I pay attention all the time.  Maybe I just got lucky.  But, even when I had been unlucky, it wouldn't cross my mind to impose rules on modders.  It wouldn't make me smarter all of a sudden.  Mistakes happen and we (supposedly) learn from them.  Others shouldn't do everything in their power to prevent us from making mistakes.  So, keep your eyes peeled and make a lot of saves.



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Um.. Alea iacta est?

People don't read anymore? okkk... I guess I'm a millennial boomer then.


There are some other possibilities to consider ... Millennial Egg-Head is still open I believe, and I haven't had any bids for the coveted Millennial and Such moniker. Opening bid is less than you think, and there is no reserve on it.


Just sayin'.  :dry:  :laugh:

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