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Discussion about legality for mods

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Hello nexus.

some years ago i asked you guys to make a section for the game Live for Speed.

today this game is currently going through a facelift (update) and as such developers 

is thinking about opening up for modders. but... we have also seen many use illegal methods 

towards mod making in this game (for years). as such we have this https://www.lfs.net/...818#post1955818 discussion which in itself is reduced 

to only this post as it is the only place currently we can post about this.


we need some advise on mod making really bad. and i write this post to simply ask if you guys,

could take a look at it and perhaps help an entire community with how we can do this as we also like to see user made mods in this game. 

i have also at the same time granted permission to the developers in case they like to have this 

https://www.nexusmods.com/liveforspeed in their own name (not mine as i am not developing this game) 

as i am just a user like everyone else. 


i kindly ask an admin from nexus to go to the thread and read , perhaps come with some good advises?


(i forgot your lfs name, so is why i dont contact you on their forums).


here is some of their new updates for you to see what they are updating :




[email protected] or here :



i really hope you guys like to help us out. 

Regards Wiz.




i just found out theres a forum section for LFS. i guess i posted this in wrong place. sorry for that.


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