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Slow Download on Large Files (w/ Test Result)

download help slow speed premium low large download speed connection problem

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I recently bought premium for one month following download speeds of roughly 230KB/s on any file large than 500MB. I figured this was simply due to the cap and bought premium but my speed has not changed. I have tried numerous different files, launchers (Vortex, manual and MO2) and all servers. My best speed was on the Singapore server with small files (0-400MB) giving me a consistent download speed of 5.6MB/s and large files (as previously described) being around 230KB/s.


Is there any remedy for this or have I wasted my money?



Below are the results of my official test.



Country: AU


Internet Service Provider (ISP): Telstra


Download tests:

  • Paris - site cannot be reached.
  • Amsterdam - 163KB/s
  • Prague - 144KB/s
  • Los Angeles - 283KB/s
  • Chicago - 204KB/s
  • Miami - 226KB/s
  • Singapore - 4.5MB/s for three seconds, dropped and stabilised to 169KB/s


Download links:

TraceRoute results:
C:\Users\Main>tracert files.nexus-cdn.com
Tracing route to files.nexus-cdn.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  mygateway []
  2     7 ms     6 ms    10 ms  gateway.wb05.perth.asp.telstra.net []
  3     8 ms     8 ms     8 ms
  4    35 ms    36 ms    37 ms  bundle-ether3.fli-core10.adelaide.telstra.net []
  5    47 ms    46 ms    46 ms  bundle-ether16.win-core10.melbourne.telstra.net []
  6    57 ms    56 ms    56 ms  bundle-ether12.ken-core10.sydney.telstra.net []
  7    57 ms    57 ms    56 ms  bundle-ether1.pad-gw11.sydney.telstra.net []
  8    57 ms    56 ms    57 ms  bundle-ether1.sydp-core04.sydney.reach.com []
  9   194 ms   193 ms   194 ms  i-20802.eqnx-core02.telstraglobal.net []
 10   192 ms   192 ms   226 ms  i-92.eqnx03.telstraglobal.net []
 11   237 ms   237 ms   236 ms  tata-peer.eqnx03.pr.telstraglobal.net []
 12   238 ms   239 ms   238 ms  if-ae-18-4.tcore2.sv1-santa-clara.as6453.net []
 13   238 ms   238 ms   238 ms  if-ae-0-3.tcore1.sv1-santa-clara.as6453.net []
 14   237 ms   236 ms   237 ms  if-ae-8-2.tcore1.lvw-los-angeles.as6453.net []
 15   214 ms   213 ms   214 ms
 16   213 ms   213 ms   213 ms  unassigned.cdn77.com []
 17     *      213 ms     *     unn-185-180-13-131.datapacket.com []
 18     *      213 ms     *     unn-185-180-13-131.datapacket.com []
 19   213 ms     *      213 ms  unn-185-180-13-131.datapacket.com []
Trace complete.
Any advice or replies welcome, thank you.




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Thanks for the info.


It looks like a routing problem on Tesltra's end. Unfortunately, we frequently get Telstra customers reporting slow downloads and all we can do is advise them to raise it with the ISP. 


It's interesting that your Singapore speed starts off well then seems to get throttled (not by us). 




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Thanks for the reply,


Yeah, no worries. I'll try and raise it with them. And it is. It's also strange that NexusMods seems to be the only website I've been on and downloaded stuff from that Telstra is throttling, which is unfortunate lol


I'll update this thread if they get back to me with any workarounds or advice but knowing their customer service I doubt it.




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It's not Telstra.

Another long time Australian user here. I have two houses in vastly different locations within the same state; one uses Telstra, the other TPG, and my phone is also with Optus. Having tried all three connections, I have the same issue, with negligible differences in speed... Perhaps Australia as a whole is throttled?



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Australia does (unfortunately) have one of slowest connections to our servers on average. This is purely due to the physical distance between the country and all our servers. We did look at getting a dedicated AUS server a while back, but the price was something like 4x that of a server in EU/USA so we settled on Singapore. 

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