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Weird Load Game Issues

load issues frost ice breath toomanymods unplayable

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Hey guys,


Hope I can find some help with this.

Starting a new game, creating a character, and seemingly anything in-game works.


The issue comes when I load a save:

1. Top left of the screen begins to re-initiate mods that initiated originally when the game was created.

2. Mod pop-ups to set settings for the mods - which were already configured when the game was created.

3. My character's hair is now blonde, with black eyes (I think the orc eyes? He's a Nord).

4. Random NPCs in the town are completely naked.

5. Any time I have enough magicka, I start breathing a frost breath spell... automagically...


Which, all of this makes the game unplayable without being to load a save...

Any help?


I'm using MO2 with LOOT for auto-sorting purposes.

It took me a hell of time to get - what I thought - was a functioning mod collection.

There's most definitely issues in there, I'm just not sure what's causing it, or where to even begin looking.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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