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Fallout 4 - Multiple NPCs to Patrol in Formation

fallout 4 creation kit npc formation patrol

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Hello Distinguished Comrades of the Commonwealth,


I'm hoping for some insight regarding NPC patrols and whether there would be a way to have multiple NPCs patrol in a synchronized Formation. I'm creating a overhaul of the Institute to make it a bit more open to the commonwealth, create a kind of dark/dirty cyberpunk city with clubs and crime heavily regulated by the synth guards, with the player leading the institute and not having any control over its future is a bummer, alot like being arch-mage of the college of winterhold all over again.


I would love it if I could have Synth Patrols walking in synchronized formation Patrolling each level keeping the populous informed of their presence, would be a nice immersive feature! I'm wondering if something like this is even possible as I don't see any evidence of someone else doing something like this (maybe I missed it).





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Can't add valuable information, sry.

Just leading you to the Fallout 4 Forum: https://forums.nexus...php?c=3485,3500



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(Moved topic to the appropriate forum.)




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Did you ever figure it out? I wanna make an overhaul also.

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