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Binoculars ADS fix? Does anyone know how to do it.

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The binoculars are horrible.


The problem is the lookspeed is changed to "way too slow" when you equip the binocs and it just gets worse as you zoom in. AKA The more you zoom, the slower your look speed.


The idea is sound but the initial ADS lookspeed 'ridiculously" slow and the fully zoomed in ADS lookspeed is "ludicrously" slow.


Does anyone know how to edit these values?  AKA I want to turn the "Binocular Zoom" setting up to 200%.


I figured it out. Open your gamerprofile.xml file (in Documents/My Games/Far Cry 5) and find "BinocularZoomLookSensitivity". I changed the value to 8.

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