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An old bug... Why?

mechanist lair quest stuck bug bethesda fix

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I know you've all, most of you have heard, about the bug in "The Mechanist" quest. The MAIN quest of the dlc Automatron. Which I recently bought, Fallout 4 and all dlc's for $59.99. Why! Why is there still a bug, a well known bug in this dlc? It has kept me from playing the damn game for 2 days so far, thinking of what to do.


I've heard All the supposed fixes. I had beat all the robots, and the Mechanist was just walking around doing not much. I tlc'd underneath the floor, oh wow there's a stuck robot!

I thought i had it aced, well, after that, Mechanist said some stuff to me, and then he attacked again.. A small wave of robots, and grenades and lightning bolts.. And he's now stuck there! doing that constantly... No more hidden robots, i tried my best tlc'ing all around.. Nothing i can seem to do.


I feel i got 4 options.


tlc'ing thru to the elevator, riding it up, leaving the building, and just dealing with the quest hanging on my pipboy. :sad:


I could replay the whole thing, not wanting to do that... But I might, god that was a Fight!


I could reload a midfight save i got.. :\


Or I could reload a save at the door to the lair and repeat the fight... I already had Ada upgraded btw.. :\ And once i got in there i may have shot at the ceiling at the bots up there... I also threw grenades at the beginning of the fight. lol.. dam i did all the wrong things... Man this is maddening..


What a shame, a major game making company, that is really good in their game ideas etc, can fail so bad on execution. And worse, not fix the damn thing after 5 years. I still love ya Bethesda. BUT..............  sigh...






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1) It's a BGS game, what do you expect? They don't fix major glaring bugs, they let the community deal with it.

2) At least they are hopefully done with the forced Cretin Club updates that forces us to tread lightly around the Steam Update functionality, because the good people from F4SE need time to fix it again.

3) Make sure you don't decap your FPS above 60. There's a lot going on during that fight and even if it doesn't come close to running at 60 FPS during the fight, it still glitches physics.




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Had the same thing happen, the setstage 850 and tcl method as documented in the wiki can bail you out here. Note that tcl requires a focus on the player character (an empty prid will do to ensure that).




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I haven't experienced the bug myself but I wonder if you might try console command KAH and see if that will allow you to progress.  Not sure if KAH will kill the Mechanist

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