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Mod request: playable werewolf sword

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I don't know if it's actually a model of its own or there are just armed and unarmed werewolf/humbaba/etc. monsters, but ever wince I saw one hanging in the back of the shop in Rabanastre on the original PS2 release I wanted to give one of these puppy-pokeysticks to one of my characters. Preferably Penelo, as the smallest normal party member, just for maximum contrast value. If it's possible, like how the Seitangrat etc. that had no models can be made to look like other existing weapons, that would be amazing. It's too bad there's still no way to add entirely new things to the game, but I guess they can't all be Morrowind :P


If you're not sure what I mean, one of the werewolves in Giza (at least in the dry) has one, at a much more reasonable size than the one on display in the shop, while the other fights bare-fisted.

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