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turn meeko into death hound.

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l want a mod that lets you preform a ritual to turn meeko into a death hound. the ritual would just be a spell that opens a menu,and if you have the required items,(meek's corpse which the spell was just casted on,5 vampire dust,2 blood potions and 1 death hound collar) once this is done the old meeko will be gone and a death hound named meeko will be spawned.


lf you have used the mod  The Dark Arts to turn a dead dog into a death hound you will get what l am going for. 


l would use the above mod,but that meathod only lets me turn meeko into a nameless death hound that is just a reanimated corpse,so not really what l want.


(l am also willing to except a mod that just makes meeko a death hound named meeko,l guess l could roll play it as me killing the dog and doing the ritual off screen.)


(l am a evil vampire who wants my own vampire dog,and this dog wants a new owner,so its a win win)

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