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Smaller custom moustaches and beards for character creation (offering compensation)

character creation beards

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(I also posted this on the skyrimmods subreddit, but haven't gotten any useful replies yet, so I thought I'd try my luck here too)


I've tried to find a mod that adds smaller facial hair options to character creation (old Skyrim, not special edition), but to no avail. Here are quick sketches of the sorts of staches and beardy things I'd like to put on my elves and whatnot. Sometimes you just need something smaller than a full face santa beard.

I did try making this one for myself. But, as it turns out, I still suck at 3d modeling and trying to sort out what ancient converter to use to make something work. Figured I could maybe ask someone who already has their custom-work-to-skyrim pipeline perfected instead of wasting hours and hours on this myself. I'd assume the staches themselves would be fairly simple to model for anyone who knows what they're doing, and you could just use the default beard textures to ensure compatibility with texture replacer mods. The hard part is most likely putting them in the game and making sure they work.

I don't like asking for freebies, so I'd be willing to offer either an art trade (my 2d work for your modeling/modding work) or maybe even real money (depending on your prices and whether you have a way of accepting payment that doesn't require making an account somewhere). If you're interested in the art option, I have some examples of my work on my tumblr (i set up this tag for "decent" stuff), for more check out the rest of it (warning for body horror). Willing to draw humans/humanoids, monsters, animals, pretty much anything that isn't buildings, cars or mechas. Maybe you'd like a portrait of your Skyrim character! Or your pet. Or a pretty rock.


If anyone's at all interested or knows a mod like this that already exists (or can point me to someone who takes commissions for this kinda thing), please let me know! Either here or via pm is fine. Thanks in advance!


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