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Outfit Studio - Fallout 4 Drifter Outfit physics CTD in VATS cinematics

outfit studio fallout 4 vanilla mashup drifter outfit outfit ctd vats animations

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This is an outfit studio question, but the mod is for Fallout 4 (My files are nif files / Gamebryo engine files). If this question should be asked elsewhere, or needs different tags let me know. 

I'm using Outfit Studio version 5.0.6 to remove the bottom half of the Fallout 4 Drifter Outfit for a vanilla outfit mashup (vanilla path to the Drifter Outfit below). Right now the mashup is only the drifter outfit top for testing. I'm using the vanilla female base body as the reference, and the Fallout 4 Creation Kit version for the plugin. The outfit nif file has one set of physics, which are attached to the Drifter Outfit. The vanilla Drifter Mesh has two sections; 'UnderArmor_Cloth:0' (upper body), and 'UnderArmor_Cloth:1' (the long coat tail). I've cut away just the torso portion for my use. The outfit seems to work fine in game; it looks good, the player can run, jump, use animated furniture. The problem is that when VATS generates a cinematic animation that shows the area where the Drifter coat was removed, the game crashes to desktop. When I leave the drifter outfit in tact VATS cinematics can play full body animations with no issues. I suspect this is related to the cloth physics on the lower half of the Drifter Outfit that was removed. My Google searches have turned up a lot of fragmented information, most of it is for CBBE bodies with physics issues, or transfering weights between two identical meshes My question is two fold:
1-What needs to be done to properly use pieces of a vanilla outfit mesh where the outfit once had physics?
2-How do I handle this in outfit studio?
Drifter Outfit mesh location: : \Meshes\Fallout4\Armor\RaiderHeavy\FUnderArmor.nif
Outfit Studio version 5.0.6
Fallout 4 Creation Kit version

Thanks in advance to anyone with the knowledge and willingness to help me figure this out!


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