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There is a mod that makes a complete overhaul to the enchanting?

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I was thinking that enchanting doesn't seem to be that realistic.

We just destroy a sword and gain the knowledge to enchant a bow?

In my opinion that doesn't seem real..

So I was thinking that possibly there was someone that like me thinks this need an alteration, but unlike me has the capability to change it.

There is a mod or someone that can create one where we need a book or "recipe" to gain the knowledge of an enchant?



I'm exploring a mage infested dungeon and on their headquarters I found a book teaching how to enchant a weapon with the Fire enchantment.

Taking that piece of information (book) with me and reaching an available Enchanting table I can finally enchant my weapon with the Fire attribute. 


The thing is, in my 3000+ hours of Skyrim enchanting turned out to be one of the worst things I could possibly imagine.

Lots of immersions mods couldn't fix this, what is the point dungeon exploring anyway? 

I can always stay at home safely, buy 300 iron ingot, create daggers, enchant the daggers, sell them for a higher price and start a new, all of this until reaching max level, and finally leaving my breezehome for the first time with a full set of daedric armor full enchanted with the best enchantments there are to explore the nearest bandit camp...


There was really 5* mods out there to change the alchemy and the smiting system, and I like everyone of you here loves them. But the enchanting system turned out to be forgotten. Changing the perks wont solve the problem, it helps and wont solve it.

I don't really see the point in destroying stuff equal to gain knowledge. And changing the system to "Book collection" would help a lot, you can always buy the most common enchanting books from wizards, and exploring mage ruins or killing powerful magician for the stronger ones, it would be a good rewards for clearing mage infested caves or other stuff.


So, my final question was, this mod exists and I was blind and did not found it? If it did not exist there is someone interested in creating it? 

I will be clear, I never work with the creation kit and something like this probably needs some experienced hands to do.



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If you're bent about destroying a sword (or armor or whatever) to gain the skills points and learn a particular enchantment, You could always do so and then use console commands or add-item to replace it. (except for a very small number of special items that are "Quest blessed", like that two-handed sword from the ebony mine in Solstheim) 


Me, I have looted so many weapons at this point that I could stock a small realworld country's army. Granted not with modern weapons, but they could win a medieval war with them... I try to avoid looking in my weapons chest these days. I just unload into it when my personal inventory gets overloaded. (same goes for my armor chest, my spells chest, my potions chest, my food stores, and my apothecary supplies chest. But I do remember counting bows once. I had something like 900 of them.


Anyway, I've collected multiples of many enchanted items from looting my adversaries. There's no skin lost from destroying one of them for the benes it gives me.


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the thing is, I use mods to change the loot spawn to almost no magic items, they should be rare and nords dont appreciate them

and I try to place my game fully lore immersive

so i dont have that many enchanted items to find and would appreciate a more friendly way to do the enchanting.

I dont see the point into being a idiot barbarian crashing my head on sword to destroy them and learning the enchanting by miracle...

and applying it to every single item i can without a cost ... lets just farm some greater soulgems from automatons crash some swords to get the best enchants and apply them to my main weapons and armor without a single immersive thing to it


I had played like u a lot of time. I just want a more immersive way to do it



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Well, there USED to be an Enchanting Overhaul, (referred to as SEO), but it's gone.
It's possible it's been removed from the Nexus and put on Bethesda net

But there IS, Draco's Enchanting Overhaul with Enchantment Vendor but I don't know if it's to the extent you're looking for.

Basically the vendor knows every enchantment in the game, and can enchant things for you for a price.

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