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New armor. Maybe?

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You all play skyrim. Most of you im assuming like to mod it. I have cycled through nexus a many times. As of right now I am satisfied with every mod I have. "This took work on my own end" Now to the point,. The amount of "new new" armor being added to the game is minimal. I know there are a lot on there but... They are old. I have seen em and used em too much. I am asking for not just a few new ones but, an entire arsenal. Some for men and some for women as I like to have both in game. The only request per armor style I would offer for at least one type is... Guys are giving female chars skimpy armor.. But im after a semi sexy looking armor that actually looks like it will help in a battle. One for tkaa that would be the standard armor ynwim? Anything after that is at your leisure. There is one other thing. I tend to cheat... Could it be also possible to make the new stuff obtainable through maximum effort. Thanks. I am not asking for a reply to this topic. I will not be back to it. Although, I am sure there are lots of others seeking new stuff. A simple "working on it" in this chat would suffice to the community.

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