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Black Clouds/Sky enb problem

black cloud enb help

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I been dealing with this black sky/clouds problem with some enb mods I been trying to use but I keep suffering from this horrific black clouds/sky regardless what I use. 


I have only tried using two enbs ( Rudy enb, and Seven Sins enb )


I have tried completely uninstalling both the enb series and the enb themsevles, I also have disabled/uninstalled all mods that could be conflicting with it but none seem to be the solution. ( I tried disabling interior lighting overhaul, EVE and EXE effects, Pipboy lighting ) 


I  use Mod Organizer 2 and I have confirmed to disable anti aliasing in the Ini files along with water displacements, I am having trouble ensuring HDR is on in the Ini file because I'm not certain what setting that is under, but I made sure its enabled via the launcher.


Screenshots of both my load order and my problem.








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Okay - welcome to the realities of ENB's.


Sadly, the only answer, based on your post is to start a clean game. 


Now - to insure that this works ->>>>> BACKUP YOUR CURRENT GAME JUST INCASE! ( into a different directory ) and than with NO - ZERO ENB or LOD see if the game is clean of the issue. Do NOT use a beginning saved game that might still have this. A complete new game.

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