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I have found this issue discussed in other forums including the Kingdomcomerpg forums that there is an annoying lack of sword belts in Kingdom Come Deliverance and I am frankly quite surprised this hasn't been brought up on Nexus or just already addressed with a mod unless there is a technical issue in the way. The major character NPCs such as Radzig and Divish have proper sword belts clearly holding up their swords while Henry, the main character, has a his weapon just magically floating next to his hip. Even the other NPCs at least typically have simple belts over their waffenrocks and such but for some reason Henry doesn't even have that much of the time which I'm sure is a bug. I am assuming (granted, I'm not a skilled Kingdom Come modder) that this could be fixed relatively easily with a mod. I am hoping this could be fixed with a mod or unofficial patch so please somebody come and fix this issue!

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