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Form Not Found

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I'm getting an on-screen message when loading a new game. Top-left corner as the mods are loading - "Form 00040600" not found.

I've never seen it before. I searched in SSEEdit and found that it seems to be "NorVineCeiling01NoCol [STAT:0003A1EF]" and as far as I can tell it's from Skyrim.esm. I ran Steam to verify my local files but I don't know what else to do. The message only appears on starting a new game, subsequent loads don't show it.

All I'm wondering really, is if it's going to be anything game breaking? Glitches are ok but I don't really want to press on with a new game and find out later that this cell crashes because of some missing component.

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Same here. However for me it occurs on loading a game. i have many mods installed, so it may be difficult to find out which one tries to access that form. Can be a broken save as well on my side (it's only used for testing newly installed mods).


It could be "Spell research" mod trying to check all esm / esps for spells that can be used for importing. If you do an import it says it imported a certain number of forms.

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