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[MOD REQUEST] Culture Changer Revamped

mod request culture changer change update

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Hello everyone, i am here to ask all of you cool mod creators to take a look at Culture Changer mod found here:


This mod is one of my favorites and it adds a huge amount of new possibilities to the game. Unfortunately for us it's most likely dead and will not be updated anymore.
I would kindly ask if some of you could update it and maybe revamp it, adding new options.

New functions would be:
1) Possibility to select custom cultures between the default ones making it easier for players to play with mods that add this kind of stuff (for example Viking Culture)
2) Option to create a new culture after conquering the first settlement (if player is not in faction), selecting a cultural bonus from a wide arrange of options, creating your custom troop tree from scratch or loading a troop tree maybe found in other mods.


This mod would not change towns or castles appereances, just the cultural side.
I believe it would be a great way to keep diversity in the game (you could have different towns with different cultures), or change your playstyle creating a terrifying empire which forces its customs on the people or a more "federation" type of kingdom where different cultures can coexist together.

I really hope modders take a look at this and at least help the community in creating an alternative to the current dead mod!
Thank you for your attention.

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