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Snow shading on surfaces looks dull gray like concrete

snow shader ice texture

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Hi guys, I'm setting up for my first playthrough and while testing some things, I noticed that the snow on certain parts of the ground (or rather surfaces in general like steps/curbs/boardwalks/roofs) looks awful. It's got this hideous gray appearance, like concrete or dull metal instead of snow: https://imgur.com/a/vfUxtDb

The actual snow mod I'm using is Hyperborean and the fluffy snow piles and hills look great. But the flat surfaces where it's not piles of snow but rather (I suppose) only some sort of shader file on object instead is incredibly ugly.

I thought it could be an ENB issue but I've noticed it in various modders' screenshots and they aren't using the same ENB. Is there any fix for this visual monstrosity, either with a mod or settings adjustment or through ENB tweaks?

I really hope that someone out there knows of a solution to this! It kind of kills the scene when other things look so beautiful and suddenly there's a set of steps that look like someone splattered concrete on it and walked away :-/

Thanks so much!

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