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Background of Portrait

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Whenever a character is hungry, tired or sick its portrait is covered by some background texture for e.g. green shade filling portrait of a sick person.


Is the command controlling this transformation available in xml file?



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Yes, but you would have to experiment to determine exactly which field causes which... it has been long enough since I looked at it that I don't remember which part does what exactly.


It is part of the trait definitions in characters.xml


The three fields that play different parts are the BadgeName, Badge, and  IconId


For example:


<CharacterTrait BadgeName="happy" Flags="EventLog, Mood" Icon="trait_misc" TraitId="Confident_Relaxed" Badge="23" IconId="80">
    <CharacterTrait BadgeName="neutral" Flags="EventLog, Mood" Icon="trait_misc" TraitId="Neutral_Determined" Badge="24" IconId="80">
    <CharacterTrait BadgeName="sad" Flags="EventLog, Mood" Icon="trait_shaken" TraitId="Scared_Numb" Badge="25" IconId="81">
    <CharacterTrait BadgeName="wounded" Flags="EventLog, Mood" Icon="trait_sick" TraitId="Withdrawl_Caffeine" Badge="26" IconId="82">
    <CharacterTrait BadgeName="sad" Flags="EventLog, Mood" Icon="trait_sullen" TraitId="Sad_Depressed" Badge="25" IconId="83">
    <CharacterTrait BadgeName="" Flags="EventLog" Icon="trait_tired" TraitId="Tired" Badge="" IconId="84">
    <CharacterTrait BadgeName="wounded" Flags="EventLog, Mood" Icon="trait_wound" TraitId="Hurt_Grave" Badge="26" IconId="85">
    <CharacterTrait BadgeName="sad" Flags="EventLog, Mood" Icon="trait_bitter" TraitId="Angry_ShortTempered" Badge="25" IconId="77">
    <CharacterTrait BadgeName="wounded" Flags="EventLog, Mood" Icon="trait_injury" TraitId="Hurt_Leg" Badge="26" IconId="78">
    <CharacterTrait BadgeName="sad" Flags="EventLog, Mood" Icon="trait_listless" TraitId="Guilty_Pathetic" Badge="25" IconId="79">


One part is the color overlay, one affects some animations, and one is the icon next to their mood. I'm going to assume the mood icon Is IconID.

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