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How to go from CBBE > UNP ?

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I see quite a few armor mods etc lately come in UNP variety instead of CBBE. So I consider switching, but I seem to have a bit of trouble getting UNP bodies to work. Downloaded a UNP body and skin, installed it through MO2 but they UNP bodies do not show up in BodySlide. Also, any problems when using CBBE based mods on chars, armor and weapon mods etc? Finally, is it worth switching?



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for bodyslide, there's a workable UUNP path, but I don't know of any UNP path that works.


At least for me, there are three basic paths I can use

CBBE (and all it's variants, right on up to the latest 3BBB-advanced framework)

BHUNP (a 3BBB "UNP" variant)

UUNP  (search for UUNP body preset UNPCB)


And at least for my player, the choice is clear: 3BBB Advanced w full SMP support, since it's the "natural" choice for SE player bodies (at least for female anyway...I just use the stock male without any enhancement other than fixing his cringe-worthy vanilla face into something not just a mother or Bethesda programmer could love. (but not a glam-rock Harlequin boy either, like some of the recent submissions to nexus...he's an ugly mug tbh...)


I use UNP clothing (rarely) , but generally, there are so many options for the CBBE bodies that I stick with that for my fem player.


idk about you, but I found relatively quickly that there are bits and pieces of sets that I use and tons of pieces that just clutter my personal inventory, even if they look kewl or hawt, on someone's advert images, AND on their specific player bodies. (if I was a bit more savvy, I'd harvest the pieces I *do use and create my own personal armor/clothing mod and pitch the source mods for those pieces. (no offense to the authors intended)


For followers, I've been ~manually converting them to BHUNP (if they're not natively CBBE w accompanying bodyslide already) so I can fit armor and clothing. I've converted about a half dozen or so from the older, static UNP, sevenbase, etc types by replacing their meshes with BHUNP and tweaking their included custom textures via paint dot net. ... and making sure they use the proper skeleton for dynamic operation....Elwyn was one I that I *think I had to swap skeletons for in order for her not to walk like a boy using FNIS Sexy Move SE. I'd set to #5 (chick with hip roll), and she'd immediately reset to #1 (walk like a boy)  Sha too as I recall.


For your player, unless there's a darned good reason to do so, In My Opinion, a UNP body seems a silly backtrack to LE. Donning UNP armor will automatically swap bodies to whatever it was designed for anyway. And if you designed your (CBBE) player close in shape to the static UNP mesh used for that UNP bit of gear, you may not even notice. If you don't , well then look for a CBBE version of the amor/clothing. Many if not most have been converted already, and many have accompanying "armor" bodyslides to allow fitting.

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