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Adding armors/weapons from one esp into another without creating masters

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Is there a way I can do it in FNVEdit. I know how to use the copy as new record but doing that keeps forcing me to add the original esp to my mod as a master.



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A "master file" is required because the original record is located there and is referenced by it's "Ref-ID" which is derived from it's position in the load order (the "mod index", combined with the plugin record-ID).  The only way to do without the "master" would be to originate the record in your mod, which would require a unique "Base-ID" and "Edit-ID" (to avoid conflicts) from the GECK by re-creating it in your mod.  That is leaving aside the question of whether you have permission to use that asset from the original mod.


If the terms are not familiar to you, please see the  'GECK Form-ID, Base-ID, Ref-ID, and Editor-ID' section of the wiki "Getting started creating mods using GECK" article.


FNVEdit is an "editor", designed to work with existing plugins by either editing them or creating a "patch file" which selects which of two or more record level plugin conflicts "wins".  It is not designed for creating plugins or new records in them from scratch.  You have to use a tool for it's intended purpose to get the correct result.


That said, you might want to take a look at the 'Custom items', 'Armor and Clothes', and 'Weapons' sections of the wiki "Getting started creating mods using GECK" article.


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