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Skin Textures Not Fitting Properly With Armor Mods

bodyslide armor textures mods

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Apologies in advance. I am not new to modding, but I am new to using the Nexus Forums and to using Bodyslide and skin textures. I'll try to be as descriptive as possible without getting too verbose.


I recently downloaded the Book of UUNP armor mod for my game, as well as the Succubus Race and Zoe's Sprinterbody mods to try and customize my game a bit more. After hours of going through Bodyslide, adjusting the armors and skin to my liking, I began encountering texture errors in game with some of the more risque armors. Images of what the armor/texture SHOULD look like and what it appears as in game are linked. Some included images will be NSFW


Any advice on what has gone wrong and what I need to do to fix the issue would be very much appreciated.


As you can see, the in-game image shows a large gap in the texture along the waist that does not appear in the Bodyslide studio, and the nipples are much lower than they should be.
EDIT: Upon further inspection, it is only affecting my PC, and it works with every race BUT the Succubus Race. Seeing as the armor mod is not a culprit, and the Race mod is, I will be discontinuing this thread.

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