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Ghost Town Gunfight, Joe Cobb Issue

joe cobb goodsprings

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I've been trying to get FNV going with a modlist that I can stick with from beginning to end, and no real problems have happened to this point. Then I start the last bit of Ghost Town Gunfight.

Killing the Powder Gangers does not cause any crashes or freezes. Attacking Joe Cobb, however, causes an explosion effect.

The explosion does the following:

  • Forces the player into a constant stagger and camera shake. Entering and exiting VATS doesn't fix this.
  • Blinds the player and forces the camera to go white. HUD is unaffected. Opening and exiting the pause menu causes the camera to go black, then returns to white after a second or two.
  • Here's the most annoying part of this: An explosion sound effect plays, then seems to loop/stretch/compress with increasing intensity and volume. Opening and exiting the pause menu only restarts the sound effect and makes it worse.

No damage is done to any NPCs or the player, and the player can still move around.

On a possibly unrelated note, a notice pops up after the Goodsprings folk kill Cobb about a bounty on his head. This notice is impossible to remove. At this point, all I can do is alt+tab out and close FNV.


My plugin list is as follows:

  • falloutnv.esm
  • deadmoney.esm
  • honesthearts.esm
  • oldworldblues.esm
  • lonesomeroad.esm
  • gunrunnersarsenal.esm
  • classicpack.esm
  • mercenarypack.esm
  • tribalpack.esm
  • caravanpack.esm
  • yup - base game + all dlc.esm
  • interior lighting overhaul - core.esm
  • fcomaster.esm
  • nvinteriors_core.esm
  • functional post game ending.esm
  • nvinteriors_comboedition.esm
  • goe this coming storm.esm
  • interior lighting overhaul - l38ps.esm
  • tld_travelers.esm
  • less empty primm.esp
  • redrockranch.esm
  • project nevada - core.esm
  • project nevada - equipment.esm
  • project nevada - rebalance.esp
  • project nevada - cyberware.esp
  • project nevada - extra options.esm
  • project nevada - rebalance complete.esp
  • project nevada - all dlc.esp
  • project nevada - cyberware additions.esp
  • project nevada - wmx.esp
  • project nevada - eve all dlc.esp
  • yup - npc fixes (base game + all dlc).esp
  • nvinteriors addon.esp
  • sgo for nv.esp
  • fco - npc changes.esp
  • eve fnv - all dlc.esp
  • weaponmodsexpanded.esp
  • wmx-dlcmerged.esp
  • adam complete.esp
  • adam - merge.esp
  • ilo - pipboy light.esp
  • windows of the mojave v1.2.1.esp
  • xatmosskillperks.esp
  • mainstoryalterations.esp
  • dynamicweather.esp
  • adam - trooper gloves.esp
  • fco - glowingone.esp
  • fco - ohsb npc edits.esp
  • ccsp2_5d.esp
  • wmx-eve-alldlcmerged.esp
  • wmx-ccsp-eve-alldlcmerged.esp
  • npcssprint.esp
  • mignammo.esp
  • fo4powerarmor.esp
  • immersiverecoil.esp
  • teslaweaponspack.esp
  • wmx-popmerged.esp
  • boacombat2glove.esp
  • boa ncrpahelmet.esp
  • the mod configuration menu.esp
  • interior lighting overhaul - ultimate edition.esp
  • ilo - gs shack.esp
  • wmx-arenovalistextures.esp

I have a feeling that the issue may be coming from EVE or SGO (Sinitar's Gameplay Overhaul for Fallout New Vegas).


I'll start testing after I post this, but if anyone has encountered anything similar, please share any information on it.




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Alright, just finished testing FNV. 

No issue came from EVE other than a glitch with ccsp on a reloading sound.

The explosion did occur with SGO. I'll pop over on the Discord for the mod and if I can find a solution, I'll post it here.




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Third and hopefully final post.

Johnny Guitar NVSE is required for SGO to work, alongside other NVSE as well. The explosion happened as it was supposed to.



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Thanks for reporting back on the cause.  I'll see about adding this to the "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" wiki.


Edit: Added as "Issue - MAIN - Goodsprings quest Ghost Town Gunfight - Joe Cobb explodes" under the "Miscellaneous Solutions" section.



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