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I'm an Idiot and am having trouble.

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Heya New Vegas mod community, i'm trying to create a non-linear quest in a mod i'm making and i'm having trouble with variables.


So this is the script i have for creating the variable:


SCN BradleyQuestScript
Short Objdone
and I tried to use it in a script for conversation topics like so;
Player.removeitem 01BradleyQuestDarlaFinger 1
Set 01Bradleysquest.Objdone to +1



So I have that all set up, but I keep getting the same error:


SCRIPTS: Script  'Defaultcompiler', line 2

Unknown Variable '01Bradleysquest.objdone


I'm not sure how to fix this. The variable +1 thing is for when you complete the quest (or the amount of stuff you turn in is equal to 3 and then you beat the quest)

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Change your quest name from 01Bradleysquest to Bradleysquest.


DO NOT EVER start things with numbers. Some things will work, but many many many others will break. It's easiest to just never do it.


Also, your quest is named Bradleysquest with an S in the middle and your script is named BradleyQuest without an S in the middle. You might want to double check the quest name.

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