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save mods in a files

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Hello Nexus Mods!


Im having abit of trouble finding where i can save all my mods/plugins in a file like you could do in the old NNM.

Been searching through google abit and it says i need to go to the 'Files' tab, but i really cant find the 'Files' tab.


Is there a kind soul who can guide abit? :)


Thank you in advance!


best regards.





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While Vortex itself doesn't have a feature like that, you can install the extension called "Modlist backup" from the Extensions -> Find More section. 



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Since "Modlist backup" only includes a list of the installed Nexus mods, this often includes only a sub-set of all mods. In addition it lists installed mods across all Vortex-managed games, there's no way to get only a single game (unless you only mod a single game).


To get a list of all installed mods for a single game, open-up command-line (cmd) in Windows, change (cd) to the "Mod staging folder" (Vortex mods tab, click "Open..." "Open Mod Staging Folder" gives the location).




dir /b > list_of_mods.txt


and all installed mods will be listed in "list_of_mods.txt" and you can example use Notepad to look on this file.


Note, this includes all installed mods, where's no way to get a list of only the active mods for current profile (unless all installed mods are active).


Also note, list_of_mods.txt will include a few extra lines that isn't mods, this includes list_of_mods.txt, __vortex_staging_folder and one or more vortex.deployment.*

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