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Clipping issues and non-matching colors

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I'm new to modding if that is important so these may be common issues that are easy to fix so yeah, sorry if that is the case.


So my first problem is, when I use certain face presets with certain outfits, the outfits fit perfectly, and with other face presets they don't fit quite as well. I'm not sure if it is the face preset that is causing the issue(which logically shouldn't) or if it is another thing. So yeah, there is that


And my second issue is, none of the faces I use matches the body color. Like, the face color is kinda brownish and smooth but the body is kinda whitish. I still can't find the right color to match them. The thing is, I can change the body color but not the face color which is weird.


I'm using atomic beauty as body preset and 4k textures on face I think (not sure what I use for face, but 4k is surely one of them)


Hope someone can help :smile:


Both my problems are visible in these pictures:



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