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Animated Prostitution and FNIS

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There was a discussion on this back in 2015 and I did not see where anybody found a solution.

I downloaded the mod Hannah from here and it says that you can use AP. I downloaded it and installed

it but when I ran FNIS everything was okay until I did the consistency check.  I got 317 problems with

most of them about male idles missing. I am not going to post the whole thing here but it starts like this

Missing AnimFile aaSexSexSceen02Male04.hkx for character, mod APSexIdles
I went ahead and tried to run the game but it would not load. I disabled it and the game loaded fine.
The author of the mod says if that doesn't work, use a mod that is like it. Not sure what that would be.
I have installed the mod three times. Twice with vortex and once manually.  Any ideas how to fix this?
Also I have used an old version of it which says "know to work"  Doesn't work.

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