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Grass dynamically loaded on Cliff models?

grass cliffs dynamic

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Hi all, my very first post here, I’ve got an idea for a mod that I’d be comfortable having a go making myself, but I’m rather busy so I don’t mind if someone else wants to make it. Firstly, I’m not sure it can even be done.


So my idea is to address the issue of no grass on the cliff models. I’m yet to do any Skyrim editing, but I’m assuming you can paint grass on the terrain or assign distribution properties to different textures so its automatically distributed. This engine obviously doesn’t support painting grass on models / brushes,  but it could be easily achieved by simply editing / making new cliff models and attaching grass assets to them and overriding the vanilla cliffs.


This would be fine for vanilla Skyrim, but would fall apart once custom grass and vegetation assets are used and the grass on the cliffs doesn’t match.


So, could it be achieved by linking grass assets to the cliff models in a similar way to how clothing and equipment is linked to a character? Just like how a house is made up of several assets all tied together, could the same be done for the cliff models and grass assets?

That way if the cliff model has grass assets attached to it, it will simply load whatever grass assets are being used, so it changes based on what grass / vegetation mod you’re using, making it compatible with any vegetation mod.

If this is possible, the same could then be done for rock and dirt cliffs so smaller rocks and debris are loaded.


So what’s the verdict experts, is this even possible?



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