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Question about uploading scripted mods for Morrowind.

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I'm planning on making a few heavily scripted mods for Morrowind. The scripts being the life essence of the mods. For context I started out as a Skyrim modder, I technically modded Morrowind first, but for the most part was most familiar with Skyrim modding mechanics.


I'm working on making a heavily scripted stealth/survival/mobility enhancing dwemer themed gameplay overhaul, and scripts are essential to my modding ideas.


I never uploaded a scripted Morrowind mod before, I've only released scripted mods for Skyrim, and recently learned a ton about scripting MW, I know how to make the scripts I want work, but I'm not exactly sure if there's a tiny difference in how Morrowind stores it's script data and how Skyrim does.

So I don't want to release my mod publicly til I know for sure I won't accidentally release my first scripted MW mod in a broken state.


A thing I learned the hard way about scripting Skyrim is that uploading the ESP, Meshes and Textures to something like the Nexus is not a viable way to upload scripted mods for Skyrim. You also have to upload the scripts as well, as Skyrim has it's own script folder.


However, whenever I look at my Morrowind Data base I do not see scripts anywhere. I only see scripts in the CK itself and I can only view both the vanilla scripts and the scripts of the current active mod being worked on. Which gives me a big question.


Are scripts saved into Morrowind's ESP files by default? Is Morrowind different from Skyrim in that regard? Have I just not been able to find the script folder for some reason, or does MW just not have a script folder unlike say Skyrim?

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I'm not familiar with how Skyrim does it, but scripts in Morrowind are game data like anything else, stored in the esm/esp files. Any script modified or added by your mod will be in the esp.

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