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All for one?

magic stealing giving

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So i figured i was playing around as a mage and i noticed, wouldn't it be cool if there was a mod that can STEAL NPC MAGIC's and either keep it for good or give it to another NPC that would use it. 


Based from the anime My hero Academia 


My small brain was thinking that, this magic can steal any magic in the game, even dragon's shouts.


And either  you using it for yourself or giving it to another NPC.


1. You can steal up to many magics you want


2. You can remove the magics/Shouts/etc from the MCM or a keybind to remove the magic you stole, also a keybind or a spell to give the magic you want to another NPC.


3. You can steal a ton of magic and combine them all to make one big magic shot that will scale on how many you have stolen and combined(Once used, all the magic you had collected will vanish)


4.Make a difficult boss to obtain this power(aka all for one himself) or (Made-up NPC), this NPC will be ABLE to steal your shouts and magic perm or temporarily, and will be able to use it for him/her self, on defeat, the magic he/she stole from you will be returned and once looting the body there will be the tome for the all for one magic



(Visual looks holding in hand ):It can look like a conjure effect but dark and red, or red lightning 

BUT if its a lesser power then, same way but projectile and on hitting an NPC, it will have the dragon soul absorb effect(With dark and red color, if possible) going to you, or something even better or simple 



I feel like this would be a super hard thing to make, but if somehow someone make's this, i'd literally donate to you. 




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Yo, I was inspired by this idea and decided to try and make a version of it myself while learning how to mod skyrim.

After about a week of learning creation kit, skse, and some actionscript I managed to get some of the functionality with Skyrim All For One Mage.

The mod allows you to steal spells and combine their effects at will. It doesn't have all the features you mentioned but I hope to add them in the future.

For now you can check the mod out below:


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