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So much for the might of the legion

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i've been searching a good legion mod that expands their lands and identity for a while with little success.

the mods that i've found are mostly good but sometimes they're  very crudely made or lack real depth.


i think it sucks that we only see the war face of the legion and not the administrative way(thanks to bethesda shitty engine), that we know exist only by dialogue of npcs.

has anyone think of contacting chris avellone or someone who worked on new vegas to ask for precise information about their plan for the legion? To convert it in a well crafted mod that gave you access to the other river of colorado to see the wealth of the legion and the security of their lands


I know everybody hate the legion, the legion do the bad ecc.. ecc.. but i think it's a very interesting faction that deserve a fully flashed out mod for their lore.


btw english isn't my first lenguage so be kind.

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