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Texture modding tutorials...

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Is there a more current texture tutorial somewhere out there I am missing? I decided to give Origins another play through and noticed it has some decent shaders for how old it is. I scoured the net for a description of how the game uses each texture type but I havenât found one that has correct information. I extracted a few of the stock game textures and they look like they were designed for older generation shaders. The specular textures specifically work completely different from what I have read.

For instance, the RGB component shouldnât be colored on dielectric materials like leather or cloth. Unless you are trying to make silk or something along those lines. Metals should have all there color information in the spec map and not the diffuse. The alpha channel gloss map works like a modern roughness/gloss map and not the old school spec intensity textures like Skyrim uses.

This game could probably have some decent looking stuff. I played around with a sword for a few minutes and got vastly better results. No clue how the game handles cubemaps though.

I am thinking about making a new set of textures for the Juggernaut armor just to see what I can come up with. I do know there is a lot of bad information out there in regards to texture contents.

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