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Frosty texture glitch

frosty texture glitch

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Hello everyone,


So, I've been getting back into DA:I lately, using frosty exclusively for my mods and I've been running into a nightmare material of a glitch (see pictures). Textures just seem to randomly melt on my character's face and some npcs. It seems to only happen when using frosty + complexion mods (any complexion, frosty, daimod, different authors... I tried a lot of things.) 

Using dai mod manager and lauching the game normally seems to work, using dmm+frosty get me the same problem again.


So far I tried:

- Using different complexions, both frosty and daimod, different slots too.

- Updating my drivers.

- Repairing the game.

- Tinkering around with different graphical settings, got a little success by putting textures to fade-touched quality. The glitch now usually disappear after a few seconds in cs but that's about it.

- Disabling my antimalware/antivirus.

- Trying the complexions alone without any other mod. 

- Pretty much everything in this troubleshooting thread.


I'm really at loss, now. I'm not expecting much honestly as I searched a lot and found no answer but it's worth a shot I guess. :happy:

So, anyone here has any idea what else I could try?

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Be sure that you aren't loading daimod retextures through frosty mod manager. Daimod retextures don't load gret through frosty.


And just to be sure, is this the section of the troubleshooting post that you followed? Because that's the most relevant to this post.


  • n MEA there has been occasions where textures Glitch this can be due to bundle mods. Sadly other than turning off the bundle mod there is no fix. But if you don’t mind occasional texture Glitch in MEA you should be fine.
  • Below is now mainly for DAI
  • Companion texture mods are the most common to glitch and cause infinite load along with the elvhen textures
  • But Inquisitor complexions have been known to Glitch as well, those that glitch are better applied to Slot 1 texture or you use this Aileani’s Hair Replacer Bundle file as it can fix the texture issues for the Inquisitor’s complexions in Frosty. Alternatively you can use the file called Chargen Bundle found in this mod page and if you’re just having issues in the DLC with textures and/or hair this mod can fix your issues 
  • The texture mods for companions are best used in DAIMM using the workaround to use both programs together.


If the bundle mod isn't working for you, ensure that you have no conflicts in the conflicts tab of frosty. If you see any cross and check marks, it means that resource is being overriden by whatever mod has the check marks. If you see no cross or check marks, you have no conflicts. Plus, complexions should be okay in DAIMM, so if you can find a DAIMM version of the mod instead you could utilise that as an alternate solution and then follow the steps in the second post of this tutorial here to use both mod managers together if you so wish.


Be sure though however to delete any ModData or Patch_ModManagerMerge folders you may have beforehand and make sure you start with a vanilla/unedited, unmodded ddai.exe folder location before you begin that.


Beyond that, there's not much you can do.

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to help me with that!


I have a couple conflicts, all crafting-related. I tried several times without any mod but the complexion and always get the glitch anyway. And yeah, I tried these mods and it didn't change anything, sadly.

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