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Looking for two companion/quest mods

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Ive tried to make companion mods in the past but the amount of work and different programs and whatnot you need to use make my head spin and i usually dont get very far. With that said I am looking for two companions, them being an ex gunner and a reformed raider. If anyone knows of mods for these that already exist, please let me know. Ive already perused captainnoob6's companions but theyre pretty lackluster and dont have that depth and story that I am looking for, nor the romance options. If someone wants to work with me to create these companions, my ideas are as follows and i just need people to actually make them since i lack the ability and talent.

The ex gunner
during a raid on his settlement, [name pending] showed extreme prowess in combat and after helping fight back the initial attack by the gunners, was overwhelmed and made a final, lone stand against the second wave. Ultimately he made a deal with the leader of the attack, that being his life in exchange for his service for the gunners. It took some work but he climbed his way up the ranks to captain. Never agreeing with his work but going along to keep himself alive, he eventually found himself at quincy. The events there shook him, and following the massacre he finally decided he had to find a way out. Later on he would be stationed at greenetech genetics until a courser fought its way inside joined by the soul survivor.

Obviously, he would be found at greenetech genetics, in the room where the elevator opens up to before the courser fight. He asks for your help taking it down and after it is dead will become your companion.

Some examples of things he likes or dislikes. Likes: killing gunners, helping settlers, alcohol consumption. Hates: mean dialogue, drug use, harming settlers.

His affinity levels would eventually lead to a quest at level 3 where he asks you to bring him to quincy and, if it hasnt been already, clear it out. he would then go to the church in town and pay his respects. When you  max his affinity he will give you a special perk.

Said perk would be named "GET SOME!" and would give you an extra 25% damage against gunners and raiders.

The reformed raider
Born into the wasteland, [name also pending] had to grow up strong, and grow up fast. Everyone she knew had a weakness. Everyone she knew died, because in the wasteland only the fittest survive. Eventually she found herself among a raider sect in the ruins of boston. She actually grew close to another raider during this time, and the years she spent among the sect were the best of her life. During one raid however, the raider she had begun romancing was killed and it flipped a switch in her head. nobody cared that he had died, only about who got his gun, his armor or his chems. after burying him she vowed to leave her raider ways behind and get help. After collecting all her belongings and caps she traveled to goodneighbor where she did enough work to get a reputation as a reliable person and then made the move to diamond city. Here, she got help kicking her chem and alcohol addictions and now works as mercenary that mans the walls.

She would be found outside diamond city's walls during the staged mutant attack. After eliminating them she will approach you and mention you are good in a fight, and ask if she could tag along for a little while.

Some examples of things she likes and dislikes. Likes: Helping settlers, killing mutants, killing raiders. Dislikes: killing settlers, selfish dialogue, chem/alcohol use.

At affinity level 1 she will talk about her childhood. at level 2 she will reveal her past as a raider. at level 3 she will ask for your help tracking down her old gang, which will start her quest. at level 4 she will give you a special perk.

Said perk will be called "A mile in her shoes" and will increase the range at which you can detect enemies.

I know what im asking would be a massive undertaking, which is why i first asked if anyone knows if something like this already exists. that being said i would also love to see these two ideas brought to life as a mod. if you know of anything similar, want to help or know anyone who would like to help, let me know.

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