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Is There Anyone Who Knows How To Run GECK As An Administrator?

geck scripting admin beginner help

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I simply cannot save a script. Just a basic script for a companion. 
I based it off of the cgy95 videos talking about this kind of thing. I copied the script perfectly, yet I still cannot save it. The NPC works fine, but there is no script for it to do anything other then stand around.
I've been looking around for a solution, and I think I found it. You have to run the GECK as an Administrator. Now, here is where the problem lies.
I dont actually KNOW how to run it as an Admin. I can run another set of editing and creating tools for the Source engine as an admin, and even Vortex works. But not the GECK.
It really is quite an annoyance, so any help is greatly appreciated. I'll write the code down as a means for anyone to point out any flaws below.
scn *** Script
short HasBeenHired
short L38
short DoOnce
int CombatStyleRanged
int CombatStyleMelee
int IsFollowingDefault
int IsFollowingLong
int FollowerSwitchAggressive
int Waiting
Begin GameMode
       if (DoOnce != 1)
             Set HasBeenHired to 0
             Set L38 to 0
             Set CombatStyleRanged to 1
             Set CombatStyleMelee to 0
             Set IsFollowingDefault to 0
             Set IsFollowingLong to 0
             Set FollowerSwitch Aggressive to 0
             Set Waiting to 0
             Set DoOnce to 1


There it is. The stars are a substitute for an actual name, which I don't want to spoil. Should someone's help be right, and cause my problem to stop will be credited justly, as a means of thanks. Anyone who contributes will also get thanks. 



Thank you, and goodbye.



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Normally when you cannot save a script in the GECK, it's because there is an error in your code and it can not compile the script.  (I hope your script name doesn't have a space in it, like your example:  "xxx Script" is not valid, where "xxxScript" is.  Spaces and Tabs are "whitespace separators" used to mark where a "name", command, or function ends.)  You want to install the "GECK Extender NVSE Plugin", which adds error messages to help you track those down.  Please see the "Solutions to Garden of Eden Construction Kit aka GECK problems" section in the wiki "Getting started creating mods using GECK" article.


Suggest you at least read the "Best Practices" entries under the "Scripting" section of that same wiki article.  Make sure you do not begin your script names or variables with numbers is just one.


Edit: Stripped out the entire section about not needing to run as admin, because "yes, you do".  (Getting forgetful in my old age.  But I usually catch myself upon checking; hence "edits".)  See "Issue - GECK crashes upon starting, Cause-1" in the "Getting Started" article.



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