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Wind Waker Inspired Mods

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Just wondering if anyone out there has any desire to see more Wind Waker themed stuff for Skyrim. I know there is big Zelda Mods such as "Relics of Hyrule" which is super cool. But I have some basic ideas regarding Wind Waker I would like to see come to life if anyone has the interest and time.


-Wind Waker Themed Gear

  • The Wind Waker Itself (Could be a staff type that has wind based magic attacks)
  • The Boomerang
  • The Deku Leaf (for gliding and launching enemies with gusts of wind)
  • The Grappling Hook (Used for pulling enemies or items close)
  • The Wind Waker style swords and shields because they look cool (Hero's Sword & Shield, The Master Sword & Mirror Shield)
  • The Magic Armor
  • The Hero's Bow
  • The Skull Hammer
  • The Goddess Pearls (Could be worn as amulets or necklaces and could grant really strong buffs)
  • Treasure Charts (They could show the location of unique treasure lost at sea)

-Wind Waker Themed Enemies

  • ChuChu
  • Bokoblin
  • Kargaroc
  • Dark Nut
  • Keese
  • Poe
  • ReDead

-Wind Waker Themed Islands

  • Outset Island
  • Windfall Island
  • Dragon Roost
  • Forest Haven
  • Private Oasis

-Wind Waker Themed Dungeons

  • Dragon Roost Cavern
  • Forbidden Woods
  • Tower of the Gods
  • Forsaken Fortress
  • Earth Temple
  • Wind Temple

- Wind Waker Themed Followers and Characters

  • Tetra (A pirate themed follower for seafaring adventure)
  • Beedle (A ship-based merchant that could appear at any coastal town selling unique goods)
  • Medli (A follower with the unique ability to fly and conduct combat with aerial attacks, but could also be a support role)
  • Tingle (A treasure hunter follower that can point the player in the direction of rare treasures)
  • Makar (A Korok bard that could play music for the player, and heal the player)
  • Zunari (A salesman that could sell decorative items for the player's home)

I know a lot of this stuff would obviously require custom models, scripting, and lots of work. However I just wanted to spark some ideas, and put in my two cents. But if anyone is up to make some of these things, that would be pretty epic and worthy of a phone call from The Epic Department™. If you actually read all of this, and made it to the end, thank you for your time!




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