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Mod requests?

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I have tried my hand at using mods provided by several different people. I have tried to make a mod myself, but when I saw that it is all code, I kind of lost the will to make a mod of my own, because I cannot see the picture through all the numbers and symbols and whatnot. So if I wanted a specific mod, I would need to ask someone. But here is my problem: can you just walk up to a person/e-mail or message them, and straightup ask them to make a mod for you? Do people actually do that? Or is it like everything else: you want footage, you pay for it. You are looking for a product, put up an advert and set a price you are willing to pay.
I don't know how that is with mods. I haven't seen anyone put up a Patreon at the bottom of his page where he/she shows his/her mod. You tip waitresses, but do mod'ers and people who use mods also count on people to leave a tip for the effort put in?


Reason I'm asking is I don't want to look like a fool.

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