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Romance mod for Thalmor Agent?

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I dont know if this is possible, but i saw awesome mods with long questlines with different characters...and i saw as well some "hate" around Thalmor.


In my opinion not all of them are idiots. Ondolemar isnt, for me at least (the only kind thalmor i met, actually....and Ancarion, but he's another story). For me he's the only one that can be saved XD. And if you push me, even Ancano.....because when i fought with him it was difficult (and i like the challenges) and  i felt bad when i defeat him everytime.  idk..it could be possible to make him to be caged up ( and be blind from the eye of magnus) in the College and from there we try to be befriend him?


But i dont know, it may be possible to do a romance mod questline with a thalmor?

(i mean female/male and male/male options of course and viceversa. It doesnt even need to have voices...but i know at the end it will be needed)


If someone else is working on somethign similar, let me know!




As for how it could be done, i was thinking in that the 'quest' for encounter such thalmor could be  in a generic cave or close to a bridge bleeding badly, where some bandits could had cage him up after kill his guards. He wil lbe grumpy and thought you just want to finish him off (at this poitn if someone use the mod and jus kil lhim...that's pointless). Then we have the options to heal him with potion, food or spell.


He will of course remain gurmpy, but he'll thank us and ask to guide him to the nearest inn or our house (we choose) to have somewhere safe to rest and will pay us once he gets recovered (And there can be scenes depending if you choose inn or your house, havigna small argument with the inn owner  about the state of the place, or doing actual nice comments of your house).


At next day, he'll pay us back and our character offers to guard him to the embassy, which the thalmor will react a bit bad, saying he doesnt need babyshitting from a stranger. Yet he thanks you, but that he can take care of himself (spoiler alter, he doesnt) informing us the path he will use to get to the embassy.  If you try to guide him to the embassy he wil lsay taht he cant entry there in taht state and taht Elenwen wil lexecute him for let himself be wounded like that (spoielr alert, later on we will find out he's family of Elenwen) (And he will get away out of the embassy)


Later on we could find him again close to solitude and again  wounded.  He curses and talks alone until he seees you, saying that if you were following him. character can answer with a "actually yes. i knew you would end like this" or "Hi to you too". the thalmor will react grump with the first, and with the second he would cut hismelf and apologize, and then asking help (even if he doesnt want to ask for help again to you). Healing him again, he says he was heading to the embassy but  that he was attacked and someone stole his stuff. He'll ask help to us, saying where they are and head us to the place, that can be a fort, cave, etc. 


Once he get back his things, he'll thank again and THIS time he will ask us to acompany him to the embassy. Once we got there, he will actually change of idea and ask us to go to solitude instead, saying he cant face Elenwen. we can react with "why didnt you said so before walk up HERE?!" or "What happens?". The thalmor will answer saying  Aunt Elenwen will not be pleased seeing he didnt do any develop in his mission. When we ask him what mission is that, he'll say that he was ordered to locate all the  hidden Talos Shrines in Skyrim, but that he find out troubles because of bandits and stormcloaks.  If the character belongs to the stormcloaks, he can do a different dialogue with him ,saying "Again, hunting dont people" or such a thing, the thalmor will admit to the player he actually doesnt care in the leats about Talos, but that the law is there for something and regret to have any debate with us and ask us if we can convince Ulfric to tell us where are the hidden shrines (or jsut search for ourselves).  If we are imperial, he'll ask us to ask Tullius if they know somethign of those hidden talos shrines.


there msut be like 3 hidden talos shrines that would be mostly a random spot with a small talos statue or etc. in the last one, there will be a 'sacrifice' scene under the shrine, and a few notes that informs the palyer that a  mad group is doing sacrifice for Talos. The thalmor willl react in horror because the bodies are of high elfs, wood elf, and such.   Then, depending of we are stormcloak or imperial, after clear the shrines, we can inform tullius or ulfric, who both will say that group msust be vanished, that  a true talos follower doesnt do such a thing and those must be executed (in case of ulfric will add that whatever is his personal opinion of the mer, sacrifices as those doesnt bring anythign good to any of the both sides and that is not what he taugh his people to do) 


Then we go to a couple of quest finding out where that mad group is, where we can develop our friendship with the thalmor, who at some point in those quest will ask us to go to the embassy for inform Elenwen abotu al lthis personally. When we go, he will say to wait outside and he'll go away into the embassy. the player will wait a coupel of hourse or enxt dawn, where the thalmor will return in not a very nice state but with a different thalmor coat (this oen will be distinc, with armor, and withouth a hood, which will leave us see his hair, that for this one i think must be long. like the thalmor on the load screen)  the player can do a comment about this, and the thalmor will answer with. "If you try to laugh of me, that will not work"  in a nervous tone, offering he blushed a lot at that.


Then when we find the group, they are a group of necromancers or mages, etc. The thalmor will be the one to approach them, doing a very angry speech before letting out a chain lightning, starting the fight.  


When the fight ends, The thalmor will need a moment to breath and then he'll thank us for doing this, even if our opinion of the thalmor can be bad. the character can answer with "if more thalmor were like you, i wouldnt mind" causing him to laugh soft for the first time after all teh quest with him and saying "You need to meet Ondolemar, then."   


After this there could be more quest, but this is what i got for now.



Of course he will react to other mer in certain ways, even to npc ones like Ondolemar and Ancano if we do with him the college quest.  in fact, when Estormo goes to get the staff, the thalmor will add "Elenwen will know about the betrayal of both of you!" knowign ancano wanted now this power for himself, not for the thalmor. 


When the mission of the party of the embassy start, he will dismiss hismelf saying that he has to help Elenwen with it, and that 'order' you to be careful. after the quest ends we can ask him to follow us again. He'll appear near solitude's headquarters in solitude.


if you have any talos necklace on he'll comment. "really, holding a talos necklace in front of a thalmor agent? you must love to live in danger" and then adds, depending of your relationship with him. "i'l lignore this because  i still need help" or "For Au-riel's sake, fine, i'll ignore it because i owe you one" or "sigh, what im gonna do with you, dear. Just hide the necklace under the armor, can you?"



And about fighting other thalmor, he'l lhelp you ,but he'll be angrier with you if you started fthe first hit with. "If i didnt know you enough, you were doing this for sport" or   "next time lets avoid them, alright? lucky you there were no relatives to me"



There would be a quest when he have high friendship with him where in a letter 'auntie elenwen'  ask him to come back, informed he has been helped by the character and  such. When the letter is read and dialogue ends, they will be ambushed and knocked out. teleported to somewhere cave where we met another thalmor that interrotages our friend. in that, we have a limited time to save him before he dies. If we didnt make to save him in time,  the character will comment how bad he feels about this, and will pray to Mara and....well, ta-dah and you iamgine what happens, he gets back, can be after this or doing a crazy quest.after all the amdness ends, our friend thalmor will admit then his feelings for us, and finally says to hell with the thalmor but hat he'll remain with them for get valuable info for us, even if that means to betray her insufferable aunt.  and in fact he'll sometiems tell us about  some stuff and mini-quests refering to that with dialogue.


and of course a quest before the marriage with some drama with such dramatic-auntie elenwen



Will update soon with more ideas :3

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