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Vortex "mod rules contain cycles"

error cycle mod vortex load order

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Hello guys, i'm new-ish to modding and i installed graphical mods but everytime i press "deploy mods" it tells me mods contains cycles without me being able to deploy mods. I have no red lightning bolts next to my mods but somehow the load order seems to be wrong. Anyone can help me with this?


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This thing is really confusing to me.



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I can help you with the basics, but not with the specific issue, and unfortunately, most of what I'm going say pertains to "the next time" rather that your immediate need. Please read in its entirety anyway. These are techniques/tactics  you need to should might want to learn. 


1) when a load order contention comes up, select only those ??? that have a recommended setting prior to touching any that don't (that is, leave any that don't have a recommended setting as ???)

2) click ok. A new contention warning will pop up and you then check and select any recommended settings to resolve. 

3) click ok. Continue this process until you run out of new contentions that have recommended settings.


4) now we have the remaining contentions that Vortex can't figure out on its own for you.

5) visit the mod pages for the mods involved and check for any info on load order issues. 9 times out of 10, it's there, just sometimes a bit of a pita to find due to the extensive posts tabs on some mods..

6) using the knowledge you've gleaned from reading the respective mod pages for the contentious mods, pick one based on what you've learned. 


7) occasionally even after all this you end up with cyclic errors, ie, processing paths that end up in a loop (which of course is a major no no, since it would  lead to an infinite processing cycle, ie the game would hang.) 


So here, again using the knowledge you gained from reading the mod page, its posts section, and maybe even a google/bing search of the modname and "required load order",  then find one of the affected nodes  that should load last (also commonly referred to  as "the top most", "should not be over written", etc), then right click it and choose load last.


Depending on how messy things are, it can take several actions to resolve. Sometimes, you just have to guess,


There's also LOOT, but I haven't really used it much yet so I can't offer any advise on that. And someone may very well also come along in the next few minutes hours etc and say "well that's easy just do this and this and that". I'm unfortunately not that guy. But I can arm you for the next one, and *maybe help you solve this one on your own, using  the final points I made in steps 4-7.



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Your problem is you have everything in groups, and you are trying to put a mod either above or below another mod, that's in a group that's either above or below the other mod and it's group.

Don't go overboard with Groups, they are another method of sorting, they aren't like NMM where it just gives them a name.

Remove the groups and links, by clicking on SHOW USAGE INSTRUCTIONS, and get rid of all your custom sorting rules you made, and let Vortex do the sorting for you.



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@HDR, good advice.  But the OP has an issue with MODS not plugins.  I don't think that there are groups for mods.



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OK, it's very clear what's happening here because of the error message
This is what you have going on...

MOD A has a built in rule to LOAD BEFORE MOD B

You made a rule for Mod B to LOAD BEFORE Mod A, and it looks like you did that a bunch of times with the other mods too.

The problem is, when Vortex tries lo load MOD B Before MOD A, it Can't, because MOD B CANNOT Load Before MOD A

You need to delete ALL of your Handmade Rules and only fix the rules where Vortex reports a conflict.
Don't try and Force Vortex to follow some half-baked "Perfect Load Order Guide" from Reddit.

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