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Elex PS4 Button Prompts / Interface mod

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Hi guys,


i wanted to play this game via steam link on my TV and it's lacking one minor thing: PS4 button Prommpts. It's only a minor issue to adapt to the xbox mapping and display of those button textures but so many new games provide options to change the displayed buttons, elex however doesn't do that. I already made a steam topic about that and realized that i am way too dumb to mod such a thing myself.
I know that i would have to decrypt some files with the elex resource manager (https://forum.worldo...esource-Manager) and then kinda swap around some files so that the xbox prompts get replaced by the ps4 prompts but i have no idea where i can get my hands on the ps4 textures for that.

So this thread kinda exists for asking some friendly modder to help me create this mod or just to find someone who already did it but didn't upload anything.
This doesn't seem too hard to do for an experienced modder, the only difficult thing would be to find the right files to replace in a huge mess full of textures.

Thanks in advance for any help :smile:

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